Archivos Estatales/National Archives 2012

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, ARCHIVOS ESTATALES 2012. For downloadable digital copy go to:

This guide to Spain’s national archives is in both Spanish and English. It lists unique features for Archive of the Crown of Aragon, Archive of the Royal Chancillería of Valladolid, General Archive of Simancas, General Archive of the Indies, National Historical Archive, Nobility Section of the National Historical Archive, The General Archive of the Administration, Historical Memory Documentary Centre, and Centre Archives Document Information Centre, as well as the resources provided by Reproduction Services, and the Spanish Archive Portal.

For each archive, the pamphlet gives its history, a description of the collection, a description and history of the building, the services provided to researches, as well as the address, phone number, and website. The reproduction services section clarifies what researchers can do once they locate a document, and the Spanish Archive Portal is explained, and brief instructions on how to use the database is given.

If a genealogists wishes to research in one of these archives, this guide will help them prepare for this experience.


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