Collegi de Notaris de Catalunya


The Catalonia Notarial Archive is a short walk from the Barcelona Diocesan Archive, making it an easy transition from church to government records. Passport identification was not needed. The archive permits photography, and allows an individual to order up to ten records a day.


Around the archive room are indexes by notary, so if you already know the name of the notary who worked with your ancestor, your work there will be significantly easier. If not, you’ll have to work with the archivist to find the notaries in your town at the specific time you wish to do research.


To obtain the notarial books, you fill out a form with the information on the indexes, and pass it to the archivist. They will bring you the books, and let you extract information or photograph anything of interest to you.


We were searching for a specific surname, and found surname indexes in all of the books our specific notary put together, with accurate page numbers and a short description of the record type in the front of each book. This is very typical; some notaries even included the home town of the individuals they served.


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