Francisco y Esteban de Sosa, Hermanos y Conquistadores

George Ryskamp. “Francisco y Esteban de Sosa, hermanos y conquistadores,” IV Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencias Genealógica y Heráldica y XIV Reunión Americana de Genealogía, Lima, Peru, 22 November, 2007.

A sense of family identity and reliance on family formed a strong part of Spanish culture, especially in regards to emigration. Scholars have examined how kinship plays a role in the settlement of Latin America. This author uses a specific family as a case study in kinship and emigration. Their desire to go was likely propelled by tales of their conquistador uncle, and they lodged with their cousins once they arrived in New Spain. One married the daughter of their cousin, and they lived near family throughout their lives.

Many members of their family had similar emigration experiences. Some traveled back and forth between Spain and New Spain, bringing stories of the new world and the homeland with them and keeping family ties strong despite the large distance. Throughout it all, they kept up their family connections in both the old and new world.

This article shows how municipal and notarial records can be extremely useful in tracing migratory families, and is a good case study for researchers wishing to go beyond birth, marriage, and death records. It also gives insight into the family-centered culture of Hispanics and the societal norms and practices of New Spain.


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