Arxiu Eclesiàstic de Vic

This is quite possibly the most user friendly archive in Spain. Located in the heart of historic Vic, the archive is open in the afternoons and almost all day Saturday to allow patrons access after work. You can take as many photographs as you wish, provided you ask permission first, and there is no limit to the amount of books you can order.


The archive is a little tricky to get to. You go through a door in the side of a church, across a courtyard, up two flight of stairs, and then need to ring a doorbell in order for the archivist to let you in. The locked door frequently fools people into thinking the archive is closed, but ring the bell and wait a few minutes, and either the archivist or the priest will come let you inside.


We spent three wonderful days researching family lines across several parishes. The priest was enormously kind in letting us work until the very last minute every day, and the archivist kept our books at ‘our’ table, so we could go right back to them the next afternoon. By the end of the week we had quite a stack.


The archivist also went above and beyond in giving us helpful information. He pulled out the book entitled “Seva” in the far right of the above picture when he heard that we had spent the afternoon looking for maises, old family farmhomes, in the parish of Seva. The book contained a lot of information about the different masies, and was an incredibly useful find. The article we used to locate our specific mas had been published by the archive a few years ago, and gave a sufficiently-detailed map to allow us to find this homestead.


It was an incredible experience to see the place where the families we researched lived, and to read their names over the door after seeing them in the parish records.


If you’re lucky enough to be doing research within the Vic Dioceses, this archive will give you an incredible experience. The archivist and priest (pictured below) take excellent care off all their patrons, and will help you as best as they can.



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