Research in the Archives of Galicia

George R. Ryskamp. “Research in the Archives of Galicia.” In I Congreso Internacional de Historia y Genealogía Gallega , eds. Lucio Ricardo Perez Calvo and Enrique D. Piñeyro Velasco Del Castillo. Buenos Aires: Instituto Argentino Gallego de Ciencias Históricas y Genealógicas, 1999. pp. 107-116.

In this article, Ryskamp describes the different types of archives across Spain, what they hold, and what a researcher can expect there. He focuses in on Galacian archives, both ecclesiastical and governmental.

He breaks down ecclesiastical archives into parish and diocesan archives, describing the resources to identify a parish, and where the records may now be stored if the parish no longer exists. For governmental, he describes the Civil Registration archives (only available later than 1871), municipal archives that hold city and town records, provincial archives with censuses, tax, military, and nobility records, national archives, with distinct categories of records, and military archives.

He then lists the different archival reference material: guides, inventories, indexes, and catalogues, describing the differences between each, and then listing how to access these reference materials online. Of course, this article was written several years ago. Most archives have digitized their inventories into searchable databases, and many are digitizing large portions of their collection, making it easier for researchers to access information and know what will be available should they search the archive. However, the descriptions of archives and their resources is an invaluable source for anyone new to archival research in Spain.


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