Archivo Historico Diocesano de Salamanca

This archive is just down the street from the Archivo Historico Provincal de Salamanca, meaning that as soon as the archive closes (12:30), you can head there for two hours of additional research.

You’ll need your passport to get in. To request books, you just need to bring the archivists a slip of paper with the ID number written on it. They allow you to have up to three books in front of you at a time.


Pictures are not permitted, but you can order either a photocopy, available instantly, take a picture in the archivist’s office, or order a digital copy that will be mailed to you. All three options have a small associated fee.

Most of the records of this Diocesan have been centralized here, meaning that you can trace lines that came from nearby towns in one sitting, and many go into the early 1600s or later.

Although our own research was straightforward (we stayed in baptism and marriage records), anytime another patron had a question an archivist would kindly show them how to locate the record. One patron needed the parish record inventory we had left on our table, and the archivist went from person to person until he located us to kindly ask if he could give it to the other patron.

Our only complaint is that the archive is only open for three and a half hours each day, which limits the amount of research one can accomplish in a short amount of time. However, the archivists were very kind, and when they found out that we were doing research for several days in a row, and the archivists stored our books on a small bookshelf inside their office overnight so we could continue working the next day without waiting for them to locate the books again.


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