Archivo Historico Provincal de Salamanca

This archive is just down the street from the Archivo Historico Provincal de Salamanca, meaning that, if you wished to work in both archives, you will only have a three-minute walk between the two. I suggest visiting the Diocesan archive first, as it closes two hours before the Provincial Archive.


You will need your passport when you enter, and will need to write your passport number down each time you request a book. You can request up to three books at a time, but can only bring one to your table at a time.


Most records can be photographed, but make sure to ask permission first.

There are inventories and indexes available, organized chronologically, geographically, and by the surnames of notaries, allowing for easy access to the records. Many of the notaries’ books are quite large – prepare yourself for some heavy lifting.

When we arrived, we were not sure which notaries existed in our specific town. The archivists were very accommodating in explaining the three different index systems they have: geographic, chronological, and alphabetical by notary’s surnames. Once we got the books we hunkered down on one of their wide tables and copied down relevant information as fast as we could type.

The facilities are well lit and spacious, making a quiet and relaxed research experience.


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